Looking for comfort

You will find at this topic, some paragraphs I wrote when I felt down, in purpose to find some comfort and inner peace, maybe it can touch something in you. I Hope it helps. "


Rab M23 , Nazareth, Christian Arab,

Idk how to deal with pressure

Got classes and studies and work … plenty

Deep down I always seeking attention/care , so every time I feel I’m in bad place, I whine about it, complain, that’s some of the residues from my childhood.

so I go look for people to conform me
I search online in random chat, but it ends up being sexual chat , and boom…

With the little time I had last week, I couldn’t finish everything, or pick the pace,

Last Tuesday we had elections, so all classes was cancelled, and now they sent us a like of recorded classes (that we were supposed to learn) it’s 8 hours worth of lectures, + homework

I also have my permanent job every
Friday 15:00-21:00 Saturday 10:00-20:00

The list goes on and on

I’m looking for comfort, idk how to deal with this pressure

Today I got classes 10-14 work 15-21

people, I appreciate any help

I keep losing the sense of purpose, why am I doing any of what I’m doing?

I have another job with the family, and have traumatizing experience with them, and I can’t not think about it, it reoccurring seen in my mind,
So currently when thinking of work, no since of purple is driving me, but fear of repeated situation.

About studies, idk what’s driving me


I’ve felt this before, like I’m about to crash in a wall. Fast heartbeats, scared that I’ll mess everything.
However, It have been always a false call, God been there for me, and I over come the past accidents, sometimes even losing didn’t feel that bad, I thought it’s gonna be a disaster, but turned out, it’s ok if I fail.

For my trauma, it’s on them choose whether to drop such responsibilities on me or not, I try my best, they have 2 options if I came short, get made, humiliate me and try to hurt me, but it’s up to me to show them, that this method won’t work for me anymore so they learn to find another way to inspire me instead of manipulating me and pressuring me. Or they can just be a decent human being.

I want to step forward, get better, it’s on me, to try and be willing to lose, cause it is alright
That’s how we learn. We’re not looking for easy we’re looking to do the right thing, to move forward.

in God we trust
Everything will be alright

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I’m tempted to relapse, I feel like relapsing, I feel like giving up. Not on no pmo journey, but on other responsibilities including no pmo

I’m good at not doing,
Bad at doing, and taking an action.

I seek attention love and acceptance and comfort.
The past wasn’t all good, had my share of dark times, but I stuck on the victim rule,

How I deal with my loneliness, my isolation, pmo…

I have friends around, specially lately because I did open up to some, still don’t know how to be alone.
My insecurities hunt me every time I’m alone.

I’m really temped to relapse, give it all up, give up on myself.

I will meditate about it, and hope for the best.

Idk if someone reading, at least this is a call for God
He’s definitely reading.

Well, first I’ll say that I understand how you feel. The temptation to give up on everything (including yourself) Is big when you’re feeling down. But Let me tell you one thing: you are what you think. I’ll say it again: you are what you think. If you think you’re a loser, boom! Your unconscious mind believes it and surprise! You act like a loser. Same goes for everything you think. If you think you are able to do something, your mind Will work the same way. I know Its kind of a cliché, the whole “think positive and positive things Will happen to you”, but our minds work just like that. Its not something you can change in one day, it requires work and discipline: you need to meditate, you need to eat healthy, you need to give healthy content to your mind. Every single day. But the reward Is incredible. Two things are helping me a lot with that: one Is the Phoenix Seminar by Brian Tracy. You can find it on YouTube. The other Is a book by Tony DeMello, Its called Awareness. Those 2.things helped set my life back on track.

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Life is going fast, and it’s accelerating. Lots of responsibility, work, assignment, classes, projects, chores and responsibilities toward other people. in my family each one of us is doing his best, to get better, to make progress, and to be the light, and make things better for all. Each have his personal fights and his personal wishes, we got some common goals. Make things better for all, eventually we believe it will come back to us.

as I said every day is a new fight. No hate no killing no forcing, but show and apply the principals that we believe in. Hard part about it, we are all stressed out, some times we feel down, cause the world is such dark place, sometimes we doubt every decision we made, was it right and is it worth it. Price, we pay price of caring lots of responsibility on our shoulders, each and every one of us, lots of pressure, no time to be together, no energy to give each other and support each other, simply because we’ve spent it all on our goal. Hardest part, we feel alone in all this. I’m alone in my journey, my brother in a alone in his…hardest part, knowing that you will go through alot, alone and lonely.

There is light and comfort. Feeling that someone is looking out for you. And just when you feel down, give up, feel like you can’t no more, some hope jump in, and some good you planted gets back to you. At the exact right time. When you see the joy and hope that you give, when people are better, are trying as well, when you see others fighting to make things right and better. That’s great prize for a little price, that we’re ready pay to have what we believe in. A source of hope, light.

Loneliness - different perspective (thank God for what I have)

There is a say in Arabic
القناعة كنز لا يفنى
Which literally translates to : Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.
In other words who doesn’t appreciate what he have, who’s not content with what he have, more won’t be enough for him either, he will always feel short.
So be content, and strive for more.
This sentence, changes the “why” why you do what your do .
Basically if you didn’t appreciate the little you have you have problem wish appreciation, you wouldn’t appreciate the more even if it was given to you.
(Help me find verses in the bible about satisfaction, appreciation, contention)

Back to loneliness. I wish I had more people around, and I wish we were closer, I wish I knew them more, and they knew me better. I think I have problem, I should practice appreciating the people I have around me, only then I’ll feel content, fullfiled. If I don’t appreciate people, no matter how many are my friends, I’ll always feel short, missing, incomplete.

We shall strive for better, but learn to appreciate what we already have.

Thank God for my family, my parents my siblings, m grandmothers, my uncles , my cousins, my friends, my classmates and my colleague.

Peace and comfort to all of us :pray:

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Tasks never end, deadlines never end. You do your best. When you’re tired the most, look at what you’ve done so far. Don’t overwhelm yourself with what’s left. There is always more to do, always more tasks and deadlines. Still loving yourself, is the top priority. Acknowledge your efforts.

Sometimes you feel very stressed, overwhelmed, that it paralyzes you, flow of negative thoughts, hard to fight it. Looking at this from religious perspective, its the devil trying to pull you down. We can’t defeat him alone, and we’re not gonna give up to him. So don’t fight him alone, if you can call or be with someone you love then be. If you’re away from family and friends, then pray for God, prey for God to take care of people who left us, focus on one person or more. Another way, get out of your place, go help someone, offer help, in the name of God.
When you realise you’re paralysed, can’t move yourself to do the left tasks, the least you can do is remind yourself of what’s important, not the task, but following God, being with God, and being good human being. Letting go of your tasks even if you’re super stressed, got deadlines, and it makes no sense atm, Doing a good deed in the name of God, and praying, it’s like a knockout fort the devil.

Look devil, our life worries aren’t as important as God, it’s all temporary losing and winning. So while the devel try to make you think small and focus on the near future, we focus on the big prize and what’s important.what a knock out hit, when the devil can’t bring us down.

It’s a war, good Vs evil, not gonna be easy. Give up? No. Fight? Yes, hate? No.

It’s just another task and another deadline.
Not the end of the world.
Good luck all :slight_smile:

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