Looking for an accountability partner

Sharing code - 42b6e6
Current streak - less than a day
Highest streak - 5 days
Age - 15
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - Having a companion makes me feel motivated to stop porn. It also helps me realize that I am not alone, and there is other people who are like me, who sometimes cant control themselves. If we help each other out, we can reach as far as 90 days. Who’s with me?

I would like to join with you brother
Name : Sandy
Code : bc6f782

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My current streak is less than a day

I almost completed 2 days, my highest streak is 12. Add me :slight_smile:


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Hey champ if theres still room ill join you! Just started today

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I did have a streak of 20 days, my highest yet. But I just relapsed. So some new companions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

My sharing code is b0327d

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Thanks for all replies. I added everyone of you, so let us all look at a common goal to quit PMO. BTW, try comparing your streak with other companions. It will motivate you to reach a higher streak.

Lemme get in on this goodness. United front babyyy!
Code: b02e6ec

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I would like to join with you also if there’s still a room for me…



Ay add me bud. We in it to win it babyy

Heres my Code: b02e6ec

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Are you them same user? I think i remembered adding someone with the exact name

Yah sorry. I was tryna reply to jap hovering over me. woops

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