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Hello everyone! I am a devout Christian who is looking for an accountability partner on here because I keep falling I to the sin of lost and masturbation. I want to live a pure life, and I believe it will be easier if I find someone to back me up along the way! Thanks, Brayden!


Hey @BrenBray we can be APs😊

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Sounds fantastic! What is your friend code?

My sharing code : xhkevj

cool! I sent you a follow request!

Masturbation is not a sin, come on. Nature has given certain things (hormones) to us so that next generation is born.

It’s just that we want to not do masturbation as it can be addictive and can take away a lot of time and can be causing problems in our life.

You don’t have to go hardcore against masturbation by saying it is a sin. I’m doing nofap for my spirituality.

You can also find some incentive for doing nofap, it’s working for me.


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