Looking for advice

Hey, anyone here who lost their virginity to stripper or prostitute. Can anyone share their experiences. Is it worth it ? Your insights would be appreciatiable.
Looking forward to get it done.

I feel incomplete. I’m on day 235 (488n2z) & I usually don’t get any triggers or urges. I feel like there’s a burden over my head with a tag of a virgin, No I’m not talking about the social status, but for myself, to explore and experience what that feeling is. Over the time I was depressed several times in the earlier stages of nofap. Sometimes I question God’s creation why does he gave so much testosterone & lust to Male…lol. I believe when it is done I’m shall turn into be a free man, who no longer cares about getting laid and would focus on his work. My anxiety goes on top when I see any hot girl. Everytime I see any girl, I turn into a creep, I don’t want that. I wanted to get it done so that I can go back to working on my goals.

If you can’t post reply , you can DM. I seriously need some advice or guidance

No I didnt lose my virginity with stripper or prostitute
I would suggest you same
because sex is about love not trade, You will feel like fapping whether you have sex with any both of them
you will get STD, HIV maybe any other disease so always be careful


I don’t recommend to loosing with a prostitute at all… why it has to be with a prostitute? Find yourself a girl… it will happen sooner than later.


Losing your virginity to a prostitute is not something I would recommended.
You can loose virginity only once so loose it with someone you love not with some bitch you are paying

You may feel regret after loosing your virginity with a prostitute as the love chemicals in your brain are not released .its just lust

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I’ve paid and it made me feel awful everytime, I’m glad to shut that door.

“getting it done to work on my goals” is the same as the classic - look, edge, fall.

A day later, the same shit.
Bondage to false completeness for the sake of experience. There’s always something we haven’t done.

Lust is always curious, And curiosity is always curious - never fulfilled.

Love always gives, is always satisfied in itself, and always wants people to dwell in its house.

Love makes a man strong,
Love makes him want to suffer,
And feel incomplete without it.
Suffering is a reward from getting boring,
Living the same day over and over,
Loosing spirit, strength and vitality.

I have loved so fully I was open to the truth it might end, that I was not suitable for her.


I really appreciate you guys taking your time an guiding me. I understood the fact that getting it done from prostitute is not a good decision and not even worth it. And most Importantly @Aoshigreen, thanks for your inputs, now I believe I shall hold this curiousity for some more time until I work on myself to develop some skills to get a gf.


Dude this is just a wicked strategy from your brain, do not listen to it. Selling yourself will leave scars on your soul for your whole life, just because of a stupid urge. Don’t waste your life like this please. There are so many beautiful things here, you don’t want to doom yourself, put a load on your shoulders, something you will regret every night before sleeping, at such a young age. You have all the rest of your life to be old. Love will come at the good time.
Good luck man.


I didn’t quite lose it to a stripper/prostitute, but a coworker who was kind of a slut. I was 16 at the time and i took the first opportunity I encountered. In retrospect, I don’t think it was a bad choice given that it happened naturally. If I was I given a choice today, I would choose the same.

People often make out that the first time is REALLY special. I feel like thats not always the case with guys. We’re mainly looking for action.

There is certainly a huge difference between making love and just having sex. But if you feel like the experience is holding you back somehow, do what you have to do. Listen to no one. Just protect yourself at all times. STDs are real.