Looking for accountability partner to turn back to life

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Age - 21
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Location - INDIA

Why I want a companion - *to be accountable to me as well as to him/her. I am in a prestigious college in India but nowdays feel very low because of too much pmo this summer. I am unable to focus on single thing and I am making Time table, routine to help myself but nothing is working. If you can help me I will make sure I can do same for you. I am good at taking decision and making rules for myself but kind of feel depressed and back out. I want accountable to someone at that time. I have accountability towards my family an myself but during hard time it doesn’t click and I feel measurable after that.

Pls if you think you can help me, add me as a companion.

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Hey bud, I feel your struggle. It’s good that you are facing this problem now instead of when you are 30 like I did. It will absolutely poison every aspect of your life if left unchecked. I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to.

Pls anyone willing to work together, I promise you it will be beneficial for both of us.

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I also want an companion

Lets do dis. My code is 65feff3

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