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Hi everyone, I’m new here looking for a companion to support me through this journey. Ideally someone close to my age who is married recently (less than a couple of years) like I am. Ideally this re-wiring of my brain should help me be happier in my marriage, clear my PIED and make me feel more confident and joyful. If you feel like ur in a similar situation or can relate to how I feel, please add me and let’s get back on track together.


I married in 2017.
I have a daughter 1 and a half yrs old.

I am doing hard mode to get back to life.
My women is supporting my cause.


Hey. I am 31 yo, too. Nice to meet you. Married since 3 years, my wife knows about my problem and supports me. I have a daughter (14 months). Does the D in location stand for Deutschland (Germany)?


Hi Ruffy,
Nice to meet u too. My wife knows I have a problem and it’s definetly affecting my desire and our intimacy. But I’m not sure if she is aware of the seriousness of this desease and how it’s affecting me. How are you two dealing with it?

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I planned a reboot before my marriage but this is very hard.
I always kept failing… though i did a couple of month streaks here & there.
i had 14 days on my counter… on my marriage day.
I was so afraid that i wanted to run away but faced the situation… sweated a lot… got through it.

After that… i was surprised by my sexual performance… before i used to have pied… hard mode made my dick … hard as iron. I had so much sex in first month of marriage. My goal was semen retention that time… so i didnt ejaculate.
I felt sexual transmutation and all amazing powers in that month. I was very happy with myself.

Things got bad when my wife went to her home and i masturbated in her absence. When she came back… i become a sex addict.
I coundnt control to ejaculate and one day by mistake… without planning … she got pregnent. But it didnt stoped there… we used to have sex even when the baby was 7 months in womb.

I got bore of sex after 1 year… then i start watching soft porn… masturbation continued.

I tried a lot to quit but always fall. 3 years of constant failure.
Here i am now… on 12 days streak… still struggling… today done fasting to have some rest from urges and it worked.

I just remember myself that relapse will not do good for me… and i should continue to heal myself.

My story is a bit different. I anticipated sex so much that when we got married I had huge pressure and performance anxiety and everything felt like a disappointment. This made my wife feel very pressured and disappointed as well and sex was always a burden. With this performance anxiety mixed with pied it has become a downward spiral and I have been not been able to enjoy sex. Before marriage when sex was taboo, I never had problems to make out, pleasure women feel comfortable and have a rock-hard penis. Now i feel disconnected and disappointed.

Since I confessed everything to my wife, she has been my accountable partner. I have no problem with sex, but I know that this addiction does not have a positive effect to our relationship. I think that she is aware of the seriousness of my problem. My goal is to do 21 days of hard mode. what I can say positively is that the intensity of the relapse has decreased. I am trying to participate on various challenges in this forum and I am very grateful for this app. This increase the resistent for a next relapse.


I believe your problem is your emotions & feelings.
Your dopamine are burned by pmo.

You will become a normal man if you do hard mode for atleast 50 days.

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I feel unhappy inside and I let this out on her which leads to us being unhappy and drives us apart. I am trying to keep active and doing sports and trying to work on being happy as well while staying away from any porn or masturbation. Sex is OK as long as I focus on her without fantasizing or anything. I hope we can get out of this situation and be happy and satisfied

Hey I’m recently married myself except my wife isn’t here yet because she lives in the Philippines. We are working on having her come to the US though. I got married to her on May 18, 2019 in her country. We spent over a month together there until I returned to the US by myself, talk about depressing :disappointed:
Anyways I’m addicted to porn and masturbation too, I just found this app tonight on my Android phone so I’m seeing if it can help me overcome this ongoing addiction for it. I’d be willing to be a companion to you if you are ok with that? Please kindly let me know.

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