Looking for a long term friend for life changing

Hi, my name is Nicolas, a french speaker but I speak English too.
I’m here to find a friend who may have the same goal as me to support each outside this forum for long term.
I’m 24, my goal is to focus on other parts of life and leave the nofap concept behind through meditation, learning new things, productivity,…
My main purpose is to have a reliable friend with whom I can share everything like a brother for long term.
If someone is interested, you can leave me a message. Thanks.


Hi Nicola
This is shadman I am also 24 and have similar goals
We can work out
Tell me about urself

Hey @nicolasaka and @sheddy.

Let’s all be friends. I’m in the USA and I’m 31.

I’m planning on creating a challenge soon. I would like to include you guys.

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Count me in buddy
So is it that they want min 20 character

Hey buddy @nicolasaka @Vortexkicker how are you doing buddy
Tell me I am here
It’s been a week

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