Looking for a companion :)

Sharing code - 1f5b3f

Current steak - 0 days
Highest steak - 23 days
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - Germany

I just relapsed, but i wont binge and fall down the ■■■■ hole again. I will continue doing nofap but this time with a companion :slight_smile:

Added ^-^

Heres my code:8b615f

Added but your code gave me someone called possiblee19. Is that you? ^^

added bro… dont give up lets overcome this together here my code 22aec9

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Is there a way to chat with u guys or is this whole companion thing just to see ur streaks?

I dont really know bro… I’m new

do you need someone to talk to?

Only when i’m about to relapse maybe :slight_smile:

Yeah…thats me ^-^

29cc82 add me too
We will and we must

add me: C5face. is there a chat option?

You need to send me your sharing code. You can find it under My Companions -> plus button and there is no chat Option only private messages

Reply me with ur whatsapp no in inbox bruh

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