Looking for a Companion_

I am looking for a companion(s) so we can encourage one another too never do PMO again.

I think having a private chat can really improve the mental strenght and give more of a responsibility feeling. Add me and leave me your code if you’re interested

Sharing code - a42lzy

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 23 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - Netherlands


Welcome to the community.

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@Resurrection Thank you, it’s great to be a part of it (Given the circumstances ofcourse :sweat_smile: ).

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Like Resurrection said, Welcome!

My sharing code - eoivgi
I’m already following you.

Current streak: 26 days
Highest streak: 41 days
Age: 24
Gender: M
Location: United Kingdom

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Thank you, I’ll be following you too!

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How do you follow people?

@rdh1990 You need to copy my sharing code and paste it in “add companion” (click the circle in the bottom right under “Friends” tab). If you want people to follow you, you can find your sharing code under de “friends” tab as well.

Hi, i already added you as one of my companion. You can view my post in message board if you’d like.

@Edsheil27 Hi I added you too, let’s do this together⚔ . What message do you mean?

Thanks. I mean my posts in message board

My sharing code 3oj82z

Hi, I’m 24, my current streak is 37 days, my best streak: 105 days. My code is: 1b5335

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