Looking for a companion, start from nothing

Sharing code - fa80ec

Current streak - 0 day*
Highest streak - 23 days *
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location :fr:

Looking for a challenger and partner start frm nothing!!!


I already add you, you can add me. Let’s fight together :muscle::muscle:
Sharing code - 1b5335

Current streak - 23 days
Highest streak - 115 days
Age - 24

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hey man,

here’s my sharing code a0tk33
I’m currently at day 58
Age 24, M

Let’s fight this together,
If you’re having urges or feel like shit and wanna talk or smth like that just message me, bro.

Ill join you
1 day
Highest 35 days

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I’ll join, Just started today :ok_hand: my code 9ss8ml


I have already Added you bro!!!:grin::grin::grin:

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Thanks ! Already added you. If you have some urgences , you can also reply me.

i lll yiur companion
day 1
highest streak =38 days

lets fight together

Hey, I added you, my code is: ejtgc88


Hey man, I have added you. We have pretty similar streaks (+2 days).

Sharing code - hmf9bc

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 12 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location :poland:

Hey y’all,
I’m looking for a partner. I just started this app about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve had 3 or 4 relapses since then, which is pretty good for me since I’ve been fapping daily for about 25 years or so (I’m 39). I’m struggling getting past 3 days, although my first and longest streak was 7 days. I’m just looking for someone to write to about my struggles and when I’m doing well, and someone who can challenge me to keep going. Lmk, thanks. vmv95f


PS: What is the significance of having “friends” in the message board section if you can’t message them directly from there? Do I always have to come to the forum section to message people directly?

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