Looking for a companion - preferably younger than 18 yo

Hey all,
I am searching for a companion. If you’re younger than 18 years feel free to add me :smile:

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Why I want a companion - challenge each other, “force” each other to survive the urges


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Why I want a companion : Because I like competitions. And it makes our journey a little bit easier.

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I want a companion who is really want to achieve success in this journey. Who is really hungry for success ? You know , only serious guys.
If you want to be my companion it means I will ask my problem anytime with you and same you can . You need to give me your whatsapp number. That will be much easier to communicate. My whatsapp number is +917050009232.

You better not share your phone no. here because of security reasons. If you want to contact me you download “kik” which does not require your phone no. to chat. My kik user id is " Brahmachariofindia ".

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