Looking for a companion from India

Sharing code - ggwv8t

Current streak - 25 days
Highest streak - 25 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - need to get rid of this for good. Never gone above 7 days before but right now I’m on my highest streak and want to keep going to 120 days. I’m going hard mode.

I can help you @devansh4

I am from the same country…
But there is some conditions…
• We should not judge each other.
• we should against PMO…
• Journaling is must. (Relapse reason mention it will help you anyway).

You can follow me… & Can see my current streak in my journal.


ok yes, but how do I add you? your sharing code?
and we can read each other journals that we made in App or something? As you can guess I’m new in this so still figuring things out.

In my case the way of progress is to not set any goal…this is my highest streak and not gonna stop even after 90 or 120 days…I am from india and i started following you.

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I am starting to follow you. Here is my code - i2l49t

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Count me in. Here is my code i2l49t

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Heyy devansh let me be u r frnd let our hands join together as supporting hands to each other

Consider mee too my code is 4p2vtt

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Sent you the request. :smile:

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