Looking at naked pics or girls in Instagran

Looking at girls on Instagran, or lewd hentai pics or something like this in our feed’s, is it ok or not? Should you unfollow the hentai feed’s, girls feed’s?

For your brain yes, because it activates the same areas in your brain as porn. You’ll never quit if you keep looking at them.


That’s how you slip to porn sites eventually


I wrote something about instagram and its algorithms. yes dude you should not look at hentai or naked woman! Go to instagram and spend atleast a good 10 minutes by clicking “see fewer posts like this” option for naked and hentai pics to change your algorithm. every time you click on your feed you always see those pics and also if you are following any of those pages unfollow them if you wish to heal :blush::blush::blush::blush: