Looking at girls

Hi All,
You know these days how are the dressing of girls, skinny jeans , shorts etc.
Looking at girls private parts is considered as relapse ?

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How it can be avoided, any tips?

It can be avoided by changing our Lustful look to Chaste look


I have this problem as well… sometimes I feel like a predator :frowning: I hate that I objectify women, but I cant help but be very attracted to the female form… If you guys have some constructive suggestions, please share

Just don’t give a fuck about it.

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That’s neither constructive nor empathetic, keep it to yourself

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Personally it’s the best approach for the time of recovery. You were induced by female images from porn for long period of time, so taking a break from it for a little while won’t hurt.


The problem is that it happens automatically. Say you are out on the street and you see a girl with a VERY revealing outfit. Personally, I have an unbearable urge to look at her :frowning: . The “just don’t do it” is not an option at this point

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I think @ReloadingSacks has a good point though. Woman in revealing clothes can only influence you if you let them. It is all in your mind. If you can say “no” to the lustfull thoughts or objectifying thoughts you can avoid getting aroused. This does not mean avoiding public alltogether. For me personally it helped a lot to not care about woman during my reboot. It has reaped the most benefits. Everytime i let a thought slip in it always led to a relapse or me feeling shitty about myself.

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The more you fight not to look at attractive women, the harder you will find it. You need to accept that it is perfectly natural to want to look at people you find attractive, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so long as you don’t stare and make them feel uncomfortable.

Try and limit yourself to a brief, subtle look, and then pat yourself on the back for looking away, rather than kicking yourself for looking in the first place. If you can manage that, you’ll find your urge decreases over time.

Most of the time these days, a casual glance is all I need, nothing more. If I feel the urge to look repeatedly, that’s the time to consider whether something else is wrong, like stress or worry.

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