Long period of not getting "wet" or ejaculate is healthy?

Hey guys!

I’m a 23 yo male, and doing nofap for a while. I’m on day 110, and seriously worried about my health…
I did not fap for 110 days now, and did not have wet dream since Jan 23… (It’s april 1 now).
So I am worried about my health… Is this healthy? I don’t have to ejaculate myself? My body don’t want to do that for me?
Also someone once told me, that wet dream over 20yo guys is unhealthy…
Anyone here who can say something about this?
Anyone here over 110 days?

Waiting for you guys…

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Of course it’s healthy. According to Ayurveda, the fluids which should be removed from the body are urine, stool and sweat and the fluids which should be retained are blood & semen. 1 drop of semen is made up of 80 drops of blood.

So yes, the more you retain the better, and retaining forever? Oh boy, that’s the ideal situation.


It’s completely fine, your body will get rid of what it doesn’t need and keep what it needs.
Wet dreams are fine and they’re a sign that you’re a healthy young man.
Ain’t nothing to be afraid of, just be disciplined.

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Thank you guys!
But how do I know that for sure?
These are just written things…
Anyone here with experience?

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I only started this addiction in February 2020.

Im currently 31 years old until April 5th then im 32.

I never masterbated before February 2020.

I look years younger than I am.

Wet dreams are a normal experience whether they happened or dont.

I dont get a lot of wet dreams but when I do, I clean up and continue on. By the way wet dreams are never a relapse.

Also, congratulations on reaching 110 days. Since i started, i cant get I past 2 or 3 days at a time.

Your advice to reach such a goal will be greatly appreciated.


Happy pre-birthday!
Happy to see, that it is possible to block your urges for this long time! Congrats!
Sorry for getting in this addiction now…
Also thanks for sharing your experience. So you say, it is healthy to be in a 2 mouth long ‘no wet dream’ period?

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Yes. It is fine.

As you get older wet dreams will decrease.

This is not something to be worried about.

You’re body was not meant to ejaculate every night.

Remember this, if you have a wet dream and ejaculated in your sleep, you body is removing the oldest and non useful semen you have.


Thanks for your words!
It really means a lot!!
But sadly, I am still not calm about this…
I would be happy to know people in this…:S
Thanks for your help all!!!

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You’re making it more complicated, it’s really just simple, you won’t have a single problem and that’s it!
Don’t be scared, people stopped PMO for years and had no problem. Everything is going to be okay :slight_smile:

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@kazmer1998, you are welcome.

I want you to relax and believe me.

You will be fine. Calm your mind through meditation and forget this concern.

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Thank you guys for your help!! I am glad, I am here!
I am still not calm yet, but it is better now! ^-^

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