Loneliness- how to handle it!

Hi guys. The past few days, I have been feeling quite lonely. I have moved to a new place. I hav friends but I do not feel like talking. I feel like I need to deal with my loneliness on my own. Or maybe it will just pass away because I am just flatlining. But over and over, my mind brings the fact that I do not have a girlfriend to my attention and I feel bad. But at the same time, I cannot get one at this point, because of the Virus Situation. However, I also understand that I must get a girlfriend at this point in life because also my brain is conditioned to artificial women and not real women. I am afraid I won’t get an erection with a real girl. But there is no excuse. I need to find a girlfriend. Any suggestions on how to meet women during this corona virus time? I want to try to get a girlfriend even if I fail.

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Just wait it out until. The virus ends.