Login in again by default

Hey @Taher
& Moderators @neveragaintw @amadeus

I am facing this issue from today morning till now around… Or from 24hrs or more(i think)
Whenever I logged out it automatically logged in again.
This happened in my Android rewire app or in site(if I open this website in any other browser)

I want you to look you into the logs why this happens with me.? Or Is this happens with others too?

You need to logout from my.rewirecompanion.com


@Taher I have tried it in both but its logging in automatically. Site as well as in application.

If you send me any mail Id I will send you the screen recording.
This problem happened in application first then I tried to open the website, same happening there.

Try clearing your browser cookies.

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I’ve Tried it, @Taher
Actually I have deleted my whole browsing history with cache & cookies and everything.
even I tried Uninstalling the browser and installing again same to check the problem… But problem still the same.

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Ok upload the video and PM me a link to it.

It’s done @Taher
And I posted you the link of that screen recording too.

Till now it’s not yet resolved.@Taher
I have shared the screen recording of my mobile too.
Kindly check it once.