Living in The Present Moment

My success story
Day 13

It is getting colder & colder. Early morning i switched off the fan. Cough, running nose. From today no sleep under fan. Prevention is better than cure.
Flat line continues…
Sometimes i find myself confident & full of courage. Ready to face the world. All the time the self respect is there. Like yeah ! I am pure.
Eating good. Ordered dry fruits for winter season. Today no workout. Rest day.


Day 14

Last night had trouble in sleep because i switched off the fan and i had the habit of sleeping with the noise of that fan. Slept late.
Woke up with flat energy again. Filled with thoughts. As usual roam a little bit in sun. Getting frustrated. Happy with the food i am getting & the luxury of Rest & money. Today didnt workout. Even if i can’t walk, for now i have to crawl towards the finish line.


Evening. Same day.
All of a sudden mood of workout sparks. I did cardio for my legs with double intensity as compared to earlier. I think, tonight i will have a nice sleep.
Wanted to cry at night. Something felt like emotions needs to flow but there is obstruction in the path. Heavy feeling.

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Day 15.

After 5 days of my 2nd flatline, energy is back and more than before. Intensity has increased. Determination is doubled. Today i did 4 rounds of walking in morning. Before it was just 1. As soon as i woke up i realised the energy. I utiilised it well. Went straight outside and start my workouts. Did my chest workout.
I eat well. I have ordered 1 kg dry fruits as winter has arrived. I am eating fruits as well. Thank you God for the oppurtunity.

My funda is simple in this streak : Work, eat , rest, recover & most important staying true.
Just now, i repaired an old rusty door closing instrument. The energy is revitalising my brain and it is working great.


Great words brother :facepunch:t4:

Keep on fighting!


Day 16

Last night i had a running nose, i took vapour heat and slept. Today feeling relieved. Earlier i used to just visit doctor for cold but now i just do little things and get relief.
Today there is rewiring without energy. Eating healthy and staying active. Getting more into family, i mean social & loving in family.

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Day 17

3rd flatline is going on Or 3rd phase of healing. It is less painful now. The rewiring is there. I can do things. It is less disturbing now.
All things are going good. Learning to find the solutions to my problems.


Day 18

Last evening had a headache. Didnt eat dinner. Got tempted by a movie. Trigger warning. :skull_and_crossbones:


In one of my previous streaks, i relapsed after i was triggered by a women in a movie. Actualy i had relapsed many times due to movies. While watching movies, i got lost in the scenes like it is happening in reality. Due to this, i have not watched movies from some months. Nearly all of the movies have some or other situations, scenes, women which realy triggers me and it creates a desire in me. Reality is that i am not so much confident about or belief in myself that i can resist the lust. I had sexual dreams today in night. In the end, i felt that i was in some control in the dream because i was not completly drowned in lust even when the women removed her top. I woke up after that. Yes. I didnt wetdream, just the dream was sexual, nude girls were there. I think the temptation which found some plot in my mind yesterday evening, went forward into my dreams and the desire was somehow fulfilled. Yeah i admit that yes the temptation got the better of me last evening because i found the women beautiful and this is truth.

I must not allow so much penetration of lust into my mind. Yesterday i found myself tricked because i was not aware, when the lust entered in the mind.
Today did my legs workout. I have bought mustard oil to massage my weak bones & muscles of legs. Without any activity the legs muscles have reduced in shape & size. Today there was a lot of brain fog. So many thoughts. Bliss is living in the present moment.


Day 19

Had a wetdream, this time i was completly lost in the dream. I woke up when i ejaculated and slept again, didnt went to bathroom. Trigger warning :skull_and_crossbones:


I dont know but why i look, i mean this dream also there was a women with bare tits, she was wearing a jewel necklace. It was shining very bright. These dreams are related with my desires. I am still not confident about my, i mean deep down inside there is still some part of me which is seeking this pleasure of lust. Part of me wants to seek actual bliss. In between there is struggle. I think until i reach to the top, these dreams will be there. As long as i dont get enlightenment.

As usual the 3rd flatline phase is going on, as usual did my chest workout and all the basic things.

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