Little confusion

Does looking at real women in public with sexual thought leads to relapse…?only for a moment.

Yes it does, that’s why I always try to avoid looking at them, especially if they are beautiful…

I disagree. I think if you want to overcome this thing then you should be able to look at a girl and not to think sexually.

If you just go through the day avoiding contact with women you will look like you have some kind of social phobia and that is not god. Also girls will notice and think you’re weird.

In my opinion you should work in how to have a natural not vicious interaction with a girl instead of evading the real problem by avoiding the contact.

Just my opinion😺


Treating women as sexual object is the effect of PMO. If you abstain from it for a while it will change.

You’re man. You’re not an animal, so you can resist those thoughts I believe.

Even for short period your brain will save the information, so it will bring it when you gonna relapse.

Treat women as normal person like me or you instead.


Look I have worked with women… beautiful ones at that… You get used to it… It is our sexual drive that we get aroused… But the more you confront or talk to women the more you are able to endure…
I know this sounds clique but all men are dogs some are just that good at hiding it… I believe you will be able to do it tooo

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