Listen to me ye PMO slaves ⚔️

Arrrr :crossed_swords: mateys,

Aren’t ye tired of being slaves to captain PMO? Haven’t you suffered enough from him? I’ll tell ye one thing that could change ye life forever.


Shiver me tembers!:dagger: We’ve got a long journey ahead of us so we must be prepared :shield: to face the dangerous porn sharks and the Kraken of Masturbation.

Our journey is to reach the 1000-day cave.
Legend speaks of a special treasure🔱 for whoever reaches there.
Some say that the treasure is a better life🧗‍♀️, some say it can make all of ye life problems go away🧘🏻‍♂️, but I say if the treasure wasn’t valuable enough you wouldn’t be seeing my brother Davi Jhons and my cousin Barbossa alive👹.

But beware of Captain trigger💣 and his dangerous mermaids🧜‍♀️, they could spin your head and damage your brain and make ye forget about ye goal.

This adventure is a no-turning-back one👊🏻.
If you fell asleep and an oversight took ye to relapse then it’s over board with ye or you could join suly bord, hi’s sleeping with the fishes.

Here is the map ye pirate:

Every saler must talk about his day, and what challenges he faced. How did he manage to survive and where is he on the map right now.

AHOY! Are ye ready mateys! :fire::fire::fire:

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