Linkeage betweem different vices and health


I noticed i have a greater urge, when i drank Coffee and the caffeine high ends. I have made similar observations the day after drinking alcohol. Also when i am sick my urge seems to be bigger.

Did you male similar observations? What are the reasons?

Sure, I experienced the same with alcohol and caffeine, same with being tired.
I think the link is that what most of us are looking for in Pmo is escaping a low and entering a high, escaping negative feelings and trade them in for positive feelings.
If a high in any way passes, for example with alcohol or caffeine, there is this short low afterwards, and a lot of us are extremely vulnerable in this low. Which means our defenses and discipline crumble, and we are more likely to relapse

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Did you solve the Problem? I tried to Stay of everything, but it’s hard. Stopped drinking for two years, cut down on weed hard. Stopping caffein seems to the most difficult for me.

Interesting enough, caffeine was the easiest one. As soon as I started to sleep a good 7 hours a day without exceptions (only occasionally on weekends), caffeine wasn’t that much of a problem. Tea was a substitute for a while, just to tend to the habit of sitting there with a steaming cup ;D

I’m still struggling with alcohol, the last few relapses after long streaks happened early in the morning when I was still drunk. I think this will get better as soon as my discipline overall gets better, which is why I don’t try to focus too much on it. I find it more helpful to direct my energy towards other things that help me build discipline, so the alcohol won’t be a problem in a few weeks. But I also try to find a good amount i can drink without being still drunk after coming home and going to bed (which is a good idea in any way, haha).
I’ll let you know if it works!

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I will feel the urge even a few Days after drinking. But i think alcohol has a depressing effect the days after consumption for me, which is why orignially stopped. I had a six year relationship ending and didn’t know how to deal with it, so i drank a bunch. But discorcered it would push me even futher down. I want to be sober on all levels.

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Sounds like that is your way to go! Being sober in general is something that can only be helpful. I wish you all the best and the strength to achieve it!

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