Life update after Nov 20

Hey guys!
After a brief pause, I am back to this forum

In the time I was gone I achieved almost everything I set out to do when I had joined this community

  1. Cleared my CA exams
  2. Set up my own practice which I expanded to 3 cities (proud! I know right)
  3. I got a girl and am about to get married to her
  4. Kicked PMO in the Butt

I am back here because I want to make myself available to the community and also to keep myself in check (self discipline)

Although I am not addicted to PMO OR Masturbation I want to use this app to track how many times I orgasm and it’s effects on my mood.

Apart from this, I hope my posts about studies, work, psychology are helping the people out here and are inspiring them to be courageous in their life.

Till then, see yaa


congratulatoins dude! :smiley:


How did you manage to do so well? What helped you the most?


What helped me the most is Satsang meaning company of good people… They helped me to be in check and also share the same passion as mine of self development


Congratulations dude. :slight_smile: We are glad to see someone came just to help others. I am curious how exactly you fought in challenging times? I know the meaning of ‘Satsang’ are there anything different you did? Brief will definitely help me to understand


Hey there , Great to see you back here!
I am so happy to see that you have take your self out from this trap and now you are here to help us!
We would like to know more about you.
And Congratulations for becoming a CA !
On a side note , I am just about to start my CA journey :slightly_smiling_face: