Life is a Flux (赤い蓮華の本)

Life is a flux, that’s what I learned. There are no miracles, no gods, no demons. There is no heaven, hell, earthly plane, all these are fantasies created by human beings in view of their inability to misunderstand the phenomena occurring in their flow.

Moments of pain, losses, illnesses, happy moments, anguish, etc., everything has a purpose, everything has a meaning, whether you like it or not. Within the flow, there are multiple paths, like a maze, but they do not necessarily lead to the same beginning, middle, end.

You can interfere with the paths of flow, it will lead you to other paths, everyone has that free will. The big issue at hand here is that nothing happens by chance, everything has a purpose, a cause, being explained by the flow, with multiple paths of cause and effect.

The depression that someone went through, but which was not by chance, left - the strongest, for example. I don’t say that she had to go through this necessarily, but that’s how her choices led her, as well as the choices of others and other things, participants in the flow as well.

Choices are like gambles, anguish is inevitable, but it shouldn’t bring suffering, just expansions of possibilities for other roads that could have been chosen, “bet”. As they are bets, there are gains and losses, not always wins, not always loses, but there is always learning, everything is part of a flow and nothing there is in vain, from intense sadness to the purest joy.

Finally, the flow brings us learning, experience, if the individual is willing to live truthfully, leaving the inertia, the monotony, and giving a greater meaning to their existence, that is, cultivating dreams, bringing movement and leaving of passivity.


This is really really deep !!!..

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