Life has many different sides

Just wanna give a quick reminder.

Porn and fapping in general has a HUGE negative effect on our life. We should fight it with all our strength to get a better life.

BUT: nofap is not the solution for everything. It’s not the only thing that makes our life bad! Yes, our life will be infinitely better without fapping but there are other extremely important things. There are other bad habits which destroy your life. Tiny things like the hours spent on youtube for nothing, not having a goal in life, the food you eat, the way how you socialize, your hobbies, the joy you get (or not get) from life, not getting enough sleep, not being active / doing sports.

So, doing nofap is an important thing but don’t forget that it is not the solution to all your problems. You won’t eat better things because you don’t fap or you won’t get a goal in life just because you do nofap!

So, keep nofap as your number 1 priority but think about including other nice habits to your daily schedule


So true! I’d like this post more than once if I could!

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