Life Begins where Fear Ends 🌝

Today, I am on 31st day of Hard Mode. It’s my longest streak ever. The milestone of 30 days is very important for me. I have made it many times earlier but always fall after that but not this time.So lets unfold my journey so far,

Lets start with How i overcame over my urges ? :facepunch:

the relapses were become a part of my life. 10 days relapse, 15 days relapse, 21 days relapse … during 2017 & 2018 i learnt about myself a lot. How urges comes, How without even thinking i start watching whatever media throws at me and so on…
:black_small_square: What i did first was i gave myself some time to think & act when i get urges, i used to Talk with myself is fapping going to help me, is watching sexual media going to bring my confidence back… the self talk worked some time… when you see your urges what they are you can handle them well

:black_small_square: Dont feed Urges, i mean that whenever some sexy stuff comes in your phone dont watch it. The first rule of nofap that is no watching porn should be applied. Porn means anything sexual on screens which makes you horny…

:black_small_square: when you stop feeding your urges… your mind starts creating it by means of sexual thoughts & fantasies… whenever this happens stand & get social or do some work to distract mind… a mind left alone becomes devils playground so keep yourself occupied
:black_small_square:Sometimes no matter how busy we gets but at the end of the day when we are at our beds and go for sleep, the thoughts may strike. At this point of time… keep your hands away from your dick… chant some holy mantra or pray to god… dont let the thoughts completly consume you*

The perfect answer to win over your addiction is keep trying again & again till you successed at it, set your eyes on your goal, your mind will try to run from it grab him again & again to the task. In the end it will be tamed like a good puppet & will dance according to your wish


  1. Fearlessness.
    This is one of the strongest benefit that hard mode gives you. You suddenly gets courage to do your thing. Your anxiety reduces & boost in confidence.

  2. Social Anxiety gone.
    Fear & social anxiety goes together. When fear is gone and you becomes stable in yourself all things become possible. You starts looking people in their eyes. Your guilt is gone.

  3. Motivation to do anything in life.
    Impossible becomes possible. You start moving towards your goals. No procrastination. The task are done in today, not tomorrow. You get enthusiatic about life & others.

  4. Boost in Energy.
    Excercise becomes enjoyable.You can do more reps with greater intensity. Since you save your life by not orgasm, it boosts your energy & mood.

  5. Emotions starts coming to lifeless Zombie.
    Your dopamine recoptors got repairs and it makes you a normal human being who has emotions. He stays true to himself. He laughs with his heart.

  6. Breathing becomes normal.

  7. Cured my cervical dystonia disease.

There are other benefits also… the list is long. I have mentioned all of them in my diary.

I dont wanna go back to my old habits, it was a path of death. I was almost dead if i had keep on fapping & ejaculating. Finaly my body will rest now & i can breathe with joy. NOFAP FOREVER



Congratulations Brother for 31 days … one more day to to break last record …

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There is long way to cover bro… i feel my body will take couple of years to heal which i have destroyed in 12 years.

I feel 30% Rebooted.


Your body can heal very fast if you take care of it.
If you have pain in your body do some massage or do yoga, in a couple of months or weeks you can “heal” your body.
Don’t wait on nofap to do something it cannot do.

From the Day 1 i am doing Regular physical excercise.
I eat well & rest.

My Base chakra is taking time to fill when it fills completly i will feel more grounded & secure.

I feel great that you believe in chakras as well. That’s great.

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