Let's talk about failure: No significant progress since 2017. Starting a therapy

On the end od 2016 I’ve realized something is wrong and by checking my daily activities Ive understood that Im addicted to PMO and gaming.

They were just the ways to escape from everyday problems. I have neglected my duties and I have been dropped from second uni after 8 years of slobbing around.

I’m planning to start again on another uni though. Fortunately, the study has introductory phase with less classes, so I could study and progress with therapy.

What did psychologist tell me? That I should focus on the source, not on the effect. The effect in my case are mentioned addictions, so even if I could get rid of them, the source still stays and most probably I will come back to it.

So my advice for you guys keep struggling with this addiction from someone who:

  • took part in monthly Reddit challenges in 2017/18
  • led Habitica PMO rehab group in 2018/2019
  • created challenge topics on RC, were active here, donated to RC in 2019
  • made this fun edit of Matrix for old Reddit NoFap community
    Neo finds out about NoFap - YouTube

Please find the source of this addiction, treating the effect will not help if the source keeps existing.

What types of source I’m talking about?
Anxiety, low social life, non healthy life, being depressed, low family contact etc. All of it can lead to compulsive behaviors and PMO is one of them.

If you need support along the way please see psychologist, psychatrist, psychotherapist or sexuologist.


More truth has never been spoken. I also recommend this to everyone. Still it is not the case for all .

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True, but its worth checking it out.

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