Let's Support Each Other in Real Time

I have experimented that when I really feel up, I run out of mind. But there might be a solution. Let’s support each other like the Alcoholic Anonymous Society. When you are feeling up and about to run out of mind, let’s connect with your companion. Talk each other, motivate and support in real time.

Love the idea? Let me know your opinion and move forward for the next steps to find out realtime supports. Thanks and feel free to add me as your companion.

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I am ready to join but still I am newbie here.
ready to help but need same in return.
You can count me in as a companion who always available to help

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It’s a good idea. I also can’t think anything while having intense urges. So conversation will help me to get into reality.

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Which kind of conversation?

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Motivational, about techniques, or something to distract the mind from thinking pmo.

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