let's save the world.

Porn is beyond bad, its disgusting and gross. Shouldn’t exist, society and people who are supposed to protect children and the vulnerable, they shouldn’t allow this pathetic service to exist. Its destroying humanity, its destroying teenagers its destroyed the future. More and more pathetic losers are being made because of this pixel called porn, we all need to work on destroying porn completely. Porn has nothing educational, when it first started it was suppose to help couples and perhaps it did but now!? now there’s sex trafficking there, kid napping, child porn, fetishism.
There’s disturbing videos there and supposedly "soft’ videos with which they attract morons and teenagers. F the porn industry, lets take over ourselves!


World without porn would be better place to live!


Look, in the end, we are the ones who fall into the trap. We don’t need a world without trapps and dangers. We need the strength and clearity to see the trapps and move around it

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