Lets make it easier for new ones. Need your help

@neveragaintw Are you still taking suggestions? Also, it would be good if you could pin this to the top, so that those newly joining can read this first, like the other pin by @Taher


Hi everyone
Thanks a lot for your comments
@Ash_Matt sure. I often thought about continuing this post. But currently I would feel too hypocritical. I do believe in everything I wrote and I’m sure that it helps. At least it will make things much better. But currently, I don’t have any good streaks. So, it would feel weird to write here about how to do it.
I just started as a PhD candidate a few months back. So, I currently have lots of stress and pressure. So many new situations and I need to learn how to handle them. That means, I’m not really disappointed with how my progress is but nevertheless, it doesn’t feel sufficient.

But if you have ideas, feel free to drop them here. I will definitely come back to it! :slight_smile:


Sure thing @neveragaintw
Take your time. That stress need to be let out, but consider talking to a friend about it instead.
All the best for your PhD