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Unfortunately due to society everything is turning to insta and I don’t even want to talk about what insta is turning into…


That’s my mantra as well


Can someone explain after 7-8 days urges increase in frequency and power that is fine but this unusual feeling starts coming in my gut cant explain exactly but uneasy is the feeling also negative emotions takeover start thinking of all the wrong discussion taken in life and how things would have been different if had done otherwise any suggestions ?



Have you been hiding things from your significant other and your kids about what you do in your man cave?

Have you been living a double life because of your compulsive behavior?
Do you even have various social media accounts & email addresses so that you can hide your search histories, follows, & subscriptions?
Then please listen up, my friend…

If any of the questions above are true for you, then you likely have a serious out of control porn habit

And chances are that you’ve either been in Self-Denial or you’ve been Procrastinating about facing this issue directly. Even though you know that it’s been something that is eating you from the inside

Before I share how I helped thousands of men end their porn use for good, I’d like to first share a story.

This is a story about a man in his early 40s. To protect his privacy, I’m gonna call him "Bob ".

Bob is a successful senior advisor in the finance industry. He has been married to Mary for over 15 years and he is blessed with 2 kids. Bob is also a well-respected man in his local community. He serves as a deacon of his church and he also contributes to local charity events frequently.

However, Bob also has a little dirty secret that no one knows, not even his wife nor his pastor.

Late at night, after Mary has gone to bed, he’d go to his “man cave” and spend hours alone on his computer looking at explicit material.

Bob didn’t know that he had an out of control habit at all. In his head, it’s just a normal habit that all men do to relax from work. Little did Bob know the damage that has been done to his unconscious mind.

Thanks to the global situation, Bob spent more time in his “man cave” for both work and pleasure.

He increased his frequency of porn use as his work is getting more stressful. Sometimes, he would even watch it for hours until 4-5am in the morning - just hours before he had to show up for work conferences online.

Even though it is obvious that his out of control habit affected his work performance, somehow, Bob was still not seeing the issue.

Over time, regular porn was no longer satisfying for Bob anymore .

So, Bob started to connect with others via video to act out scenes that would satisfy him. The more he used it to “connect” with partners online, the less time he spent with his family .

Whenever Mary asked Bob about his lack of presence, he just lied and said that he’s been busy with “work” while mentally justifying himself of his “downtime activity”.

Bob’s wife had no reason to question him as he is only spending “his privacy in his man cave”

As Bob spent more time on all kinds of porn sites, he started clicking on ads to meet with women in his area.

After wasting some money clicking on around, Bob didn’t learn from his mistakes. Instead, he felt like he needed to act on the fantasy. And due to the increase of his “man cave” time, it’s been a while since he’s been intimate with his wife.

Bob created a few alias profiles on various platforms and dating apps. At first, he convinced himself that he was “just chatting around”. Unfortunately, the more he chatted around, the more he built up his urge to act out.

One weekend, Mary and the kids went out of town to visit family. Bob stayed home to finish up some of his work projects. As the weekend goes by, the quiet house highlighted Bob’s loneliness. Instead of focusing on work, he started making plans with anonymous women he had met online.

That weekend was the first time he was unfaithful to his wife.

Out of guilt and shame , Bob never uttered a word to anyone about his infidelity and Mary didn’t seem to suspect anything. He swore to himself that was the last time he would do that. In order to medicate the guilt and shame, he started looking at explicit material multiple times daily :spiral_calendar:

As the Corona virus quarantine loosened up, Bob started to go back to his office for work. One day, Bob forgot to take his phone to work. Mary, who was working from home found it and saw a few message notifications which came in - they were from the apps Bob had been active on.

Suspicious, but not wanting to confronting Bob directly, Mary started to investigate the computer in his “man cave”. She couldn’t find any concrete evidence.

In order to be certain, she hired a private investigator to shadow Bob during a weekend when she was out of town.

Bob was observed meeting up with a prostitute at a hotel. Mary couldn’t believe the photos that the private investigator took.

That evening, Bob came clean with everything - including all of the sleepless nights he spent in his man cave.

His wife was shocked and couldn’t believe that Bob has been lying and unfaithful to her. That night, Mary gave Bob an ultimatum… he had to fix his compulsive sexual behaviors.

Otherwise, she would leave with the kids…

Brother, if you have similar experiences with Bob - you are not alone. Many successful married men have acted out especially during these unprecedented times.

But anyone reading this knows one thing for sure: Overindulgence in pornography and masturbation has serious negative consequences.

When you look around you and wonder why our society is over sexualized, just know that it isn’t by accident.

Sex sells and thanks to the internet, we live in a world that has more people with an out of control habit than ever before. Our doctors, pastors, teachers, parents, and protectors (the crowd) are all counted among the victims.

No matter where you are in your journey with this - maybe you are three decades in, or just 3 years in, this is a journey of failure. You will fail your way to freedom.

Just don’t be the one who fails and justifies their failure by joining the crowd.

When your addiction has driven you to the edge, it is this same crowd that will deny that you have a problem. The crowd will minimize it. And when you act out, this same crowd will condemn you, lynch you, brand you as damaged, and cast you out.

Are you Ready to Save Your Marriage, Your Family Life, and End Your Addiction to Porn in the Next 90 Days?

This is quoted from an email sent to me by his organization

Go on google and search for jk emezi porn reboot this guy is good and knows what he is doing he has been there and done all what we are trying he coaches to people personally and also has a the team but might charge in some exceptional cases he even can coach for free but then there are some rules and obligations of who is chooses he don’t want people who are not serious of quitting hence this clause but you can also watch his YouTube videos they also help a lot


Check this out everyone

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Pleasure is in achievement
Personally I dont believe in evolution n all but yes rest I agree with mr jk here guys do check out

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I fapped yesterday have exam tomorrow y give me tips

There are many reason, triggers unhealthy habits we have like following erotic content on social media etc first take a conscious effort to reboot keep a track what you did in the past week something must have triggered your relapse keep a journal read a book on how to quit

Relapse 8th


after 20 days longest streak felt good started loosing Hypofrontality to a point that you feel nothing was ever wrong guard down checked Instagram and Facebook also daily stress can make you more vulnerable chaser effect is a bitch

Solution meditation for daily stress still not ready for social media and exercise for quicker recovery

I know I’ll beat this soon :sunglasses:


Relapse fucks up your entire month

Now that lockdown is not there and I have started working I realized that one relapse can mess you up for the entire month cause after 20 days you start feeling good and that is just the tip of the ice Berg you need to keep going if I relapse then again the process starts when lockdown was going on and there was no cognitive work required it was not that noticeable but it takes around 20 days to feel the change in my case

But good thing is maintaining journal has made me realize all this so it is benefiting more knowledge to keep myself in check


I like this post. It’s really so encouraging my brother. I appreciate it.
Well, I am addicted since the last 12 years but now m not. Why so? Because now I am not taking as an addiction.

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Are you doing marketing here?


@EvilMorty :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I request you to not take as a marketing. And what will i promote?
Masturbation is not a thing to promote or market. It’s a thing to understand, to explore.


Okay fine, what do I need to do?


@karanraj Just saw your form, most of the questions are like, how is your M* going and P* watching things. We are already here to forgot about those past shits. Let me know how this can help us overcome it?

Nofappers: please don’t open that link till he replies.


It depends on what you choose… You can choose “porn is worse” or you can choose Its just fun.
If you being scared of these words, how can you overcome it?

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We are already overcoming from it and we don’t need this stupid form to remind how it was


If you don’t want to co-operate then it’s your choice. This form is for those who have the guts to share their experience related to masturbation. Guys, It may be possible that we don’t know much about sexuality. It is possible that to quit is just to suppress it.
If you already overcame it, then tell me how far you have gone?

I have made some changes if you guys find uncomfortable related with words. Now, check it. But i think you all guys need not to be scared of those words. You should face them and possess the ability to just ignore it and let go.