Lets know about our admin Taher

Dear Sir @Taher

I am curious to know about your NoFap journey.
If you dont mind; Kindly let us know on what day you are on this nofap journey and are you doing hard mode; semen retention or anythingelse ?


Yes dear @Taher we all would like to know about your journey …

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I will do a write up soon :slight_smile:


Its been over 1 month now @Taher


It’s almost over 4 month

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Let me be honest.

There are a lot of things that happened to me, now the thing is, everyone I know in real life knows I operate this website and if they happen to read this it could hurt me.

As everyone I am ashamed of few things I don’t want anyone to know who knows me personally. If I were anonymous like you guys I would have poured down my thoughts long time ago, it’s the filtration process that’s making me avoid, I have to choose what I write very carefully, it takes a lot of time.

I Hope you understand.


Totally understand captine. Could you please read my message I have a privacy Issue I want to fix…

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I’m sad for you, @Taher.

Anonymity is a great thing in this application. The best thing.

I can understand your fear.
You’ve probably thought about the option to create a new anonymous profile. If you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s a suggestion. I don’t know. It’s just an idea, and i don’t know if it’s viable.

Maybe it’s possible, right?

People specifically want to know about me, even if I were to create a new anonymous profile, I couldn’t just say “now my life story is out there somewhere read all of it and assume any one it is mine”.


Nobody needs to dwell on the past. I don’t think it’s helpful to put that pressure on anyone about it. Seriously, we should all know that.

Yes. I know.
You aren’t obligated to tell your history. The pressure is too big, but, you aren’t obligated.

The anonymity maybe will be a good thing to you. It makes you more comfortable to tell your story without worrying about the judgment of people who know you. And you don’t have to say if you whether or not you have a new profile.

But, it’s just a suggestion.

what is your Shareing code

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My sharing code is 8e2410


I have added you. Mankind will remember your great work in the coming days.



Can you add our current badge name in the homsescreen of the app. May be just below the counter.

It’s on my list and will come in future update

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