Let's have a discussion about nightfall

I wanted to open this thread to know more about nightfall does it really count as relapse ?
How frequently does the nightfall occur? what’s the average days?
Any tips to avoid nightfall?
And last but not the least sometimes when you’re concious and when you’re at your climax but still you keep fantasising it and then nightfall happens does that really count as relapse?


It varies. Can be sometimes 4 to 5 times a week!. But as stability overcomes desires then one in 2 weeks. Most stable is once a month.

  1. Don’t sleep with full stomach. Eat 3 hours before sleeping.
  2. Urinate before sleeping.
  3. Don’t sleep on your belly.
  4. Don’t think dirty thoughts on bed while trying to sleep.
  5. Eat more vegetarian food. And drink less water before sleeping.

No, it’s your subconscious actually controlling the dream. You may be aware of it but you aren’t in full control. Control and awareness are different. Even if you were in control, a nightfall is not a relapse.


2)Twice in a month is normal
More than twice then it require attention to solve the problems.
3)Avoid erotic content , oily food, wash your feets before sleeping.

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For me, nightfalls are not relapses, because they do not have P and M. They are a natural way for our body to get rid of old sperm.

On 397 days streak that I’m currently at, I had 19 wet dreams. It is basically one wet dream each 20 days. I think that it is a good average.


Thank you everyone. Would like to hear more about this from other guys.

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