Let's get over with his together!

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Why I want a companion -
I’d say Im a heavy porn/fap addict. Almost always relapse on the third day morning of no PMO… (like I did just now) due to the morning urge and unconsciousness that completely have me exposed.
Im so done with this shit now, I want a better life, to be more energetic and have strong will power.

I REALLY WANT TO OVERCOME THE URGE N THE ADDICTION AND I AM DETERMINED TO DO SO. My first goal is 30 days, then 90 and a year. PLS do add me as your companion ONLY IF you are determined and committed to the same. Thanks guys


Add me bro code is 2b6eb1

Let’s do it together!
Add me - 1826f9c

447d66a you can add me… i hav the same exact problem… masturbates at day 3 most of the time. More that 4 times … let get over it together brother.

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