Lets Become A Tough Man Again

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What is a tough man?
a strong man who is not easily injured and is able to deal with difficult or violent situations. He earned himself a reputation as a tough man.

Today we are becoming pussy (not that one) I mean coward anxious full of depression no muscle no power ugly no confidence & becoming a loser because of porn.

Now after every situation, we act like a coward loser no self-esteem over thinking and zero confidence

so if you are doing nofap & completed let’s say 30 days or more but still you act like the same manner before you start nofap then my friend we need some repair to do


If you want to try nofap and don’t want to relapse but keep relapsing then also we need some repairs to do

so what is that repair?

Its called “Art Of Reframe”, original author where I got info is from this blog post


for example

Blockquote earlier today I woke up and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep—I was completely exhausted! I knew that today was my “Chest and Arms” workout, and I really didn’t want to skip a day…so what did I do?

Do you see? It’s not that I was tired, boo hoo, woe is me, I won’t go to the gym, my life sucks. It’s that I’m tired, and this is a chance for me to push through my fatigue and train my discipline. It’s an opportunity to prove what I’m worth.

This is the hardcore reframe—no matter how hard something gets, no matter how bad something seems, you ALWAYS frame the situation in a way that’s positive.

ok more example from the same blog

  • Jon loses his job, and thinks: “Great, an opportunity to find a better one.”
  • Jon gets rejected by a girl, and thinks: “She just has a really bad taste in men.”
  • Jon is exhausted, and thinks: “Great, a chance to build more will power.”
  • Jon feels depressed, and tells himself: “Awesome—if I can act now, it’ll be 10x easier to act when I’m happy.”

So what we will do in this thread? / Aim of this thread?

The aim of this thread is simple to turn your negative anxious depressed thoughts into positive motivative tough man thoughts

Let’s say you have some depressive thoughts then you yourself or someone from the community will turn /reframe it into positive motivative tough man thoughts

I will reupdate this op thread with more content


Annon: Oh no Sunday will end & I have to go to the office tomorrow :persevere:

Weir: Oh tomorrow is Monday best opportunity to prove myself great again :grin:

Annon: I am browsing torrents and watching movies instead of productivity, what should I do?

Weir: I will close all the bullshit from my browser & Start making goal (if I haven’t set it already) then I will pursue my goal, I am tough one & won’t waste my time



Before you wrote this post… i had written a similiar Post 4 or 5 days before which was not approved by the Staff.

Its name was Light in The Darkness :fire:

I am wondering now… if yours got approved… Why not mine ?


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Yeah… Just 10 days back joined.
Maybe this is the reason…

Bro I do this so much that there are actually times where I feel yhe need to be unhappy and see the bad side of things. I guess that’s just a part of human nature.

That’s why topic name is tough man
Here we are talking about being tough in each and every situation
We are not into positivity but converting our words into positive so that we can sustain our toughness
As explain in 1st post about going gym


So you are more talking about helping your self discipline

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I am talking about becoming real man not the pussy one who got frightened depressed offended cuckold loser
Porn make you loser, so we need to get back our masculinity by adapting mindset of real men which are brave confident fighter real alpha male

For e.g one friend told me just now

Annon: my home light (current) is gone & I can’t sleep without fan & I am afraid I can’t make it to office but if I did I wouldn’t perfom or lazy sleepy, I don’t want to go like that etc etc

My Response: Real man can easily sleep without fan, Real men survive everywhere let it be jungle desert nomatter what’s situation but if they can’t sleep for any other reason, they still go to office & can perform better than yesterday


Anon: Weir, it’s 1 am here , I don’t even completed my files for tomorrow meeting but I want to sleep too, but now I don’t sleep not completing my files, what should I do???

Weir: hey annon don’t cry like little kids, wake the fuck up , set your pomodoro after your pomodoro finish then go to sleep
We should act on situation
Real men sleep when they are done

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What about time you created this thread right when I feel depressed @weir

So, I have a crush on a famous actress in my country, the first time I saw her was like 4 years ago, I was like " Wow, she’s cute" nothing more.
Then, I accidentally saw her again on Youtube a few days ago in a vlog, for the first time I saw real herself, her real personality, and I don’t know how but I got the feeling that I never get before and I can’t explain to words.
You know the way she moves, the way she laughs, the way she dances, the way she talks, everything looks perfect.
Then, suddenly for the first time ever I really want to know about her more. But, She and I are like the sky and earth. She is an Actress, I am unemployment, college dropout kid. She is a princess, I am a peasant. Her friends are nobles, my friends are farmers.
For the past few days, I really don’t know what to do besides admired her beauty and personality on screen. What should I do?

For the record, I’m in 70 days streak now. I’ve experienced some superpowers already. And I do have crushes before but I never felt like this.

Which country?

You are misdirecting your Love.


What do you mean?

I mean that you are misdirecting your love. She will not reciprocate. Do not waste your life. Love God and find another girl. Those fools are not worth any love. They are the destroyers of innocent teenagers. They are demons. Why are you loving them? Spit on their images.


You are right buddy. I don’t know what happened to me back then, maybe it was a flatline. I got the energy and confidence back. I have to improve myself first before anything else. So yeah thank you so much for reminding me. Also, your post on meme/motivational thread about “father matters” really hits me hard.