Let's be honest

At age of 8 Or 9 i dont know exactly but i know I started watching porn at a very young age when I was in 3rd Or 4th class in my computer and I knew how to hide those files and stuff
Time passed
I became addicted
Now my age is 19 and I m still addicted
Largest streak was of 120 then 105 and then not more than 30 Or 20
Yesterday I relapsed twice at day 27
Feeling really weak
I just hate myself because I can’t stop myself from that stuff
Now I m so sensitive to that stuff even if I just watch a short clip I ejaculate within 10 seconds
This is my main problem
I think I will always be a failure :broken_heart:


You’re suffering from premature ejaculation.
Tell me do you masturabte in prone way or normal way…??


Is there anything like prone Or normal in masturbation?

Is there any cure Or my life is going to be full of shit forever?

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Yess , prone masturbation is done in the sex position .
This way is very very dangerous for your penis.
It really wastes a lot of your energy and harms your penis in the long run


It’s your wish. Porn addiction is an addiction which we think we have but we actually don’t have it

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Masturbation and porn are just one aspect of your life. Improve the rest and you wont feel depressed. Work on your health, exercise, study, career, social circle. You need to increase the positivity in your life to counter the negativity of PMO.
I know PMO affects other aspects of your life but


Stop thinking low of yourself. Its the relapse talking. A few days after, you wont have these negative feeling.

Take noPMO as a challenge. A battle you have to fight again and again with relapse as a teacher of mistakes and not a time to cry.

If you just cry on relapse, you wont learn from the relapses. You wont grow stronger.

Tell me, have you given your 100% to quitting PMO? … Because i know , we only fail when we dont give our best.


Tell me, what mistake you made?
What could you have done to avoid a relapse?

You have achieved 120 days man!!!. U have 2 100+ streaks…

You are almost free. You have tasted victory!. Just improve a little and you are free!!!

You know how to successfully quit PMO. You just need motivation. Its possible.

And its only possible we need.


Take it easy, friend.
Do something worthwhile and you’ll be alright.
I too, used to relapse every 3-4 days. but then I started focusing on important parts of life and soon forgot about pmo.


No mate I don’t see u as a failure. Had u been given up on everything nd not doing anything about ur addiction would have meant as a failure. The mere fact that u r on this app says a lot about u that there is still hope inside u to solve this problem. U have not completely given up on urself nd neither should u. See its true that u had made a mistake but also see that u have 2,100+ streaks in ur list which is a dream for many on this path even for myself. So don’t be so harsh on urself. Give urself some time nd don’t give up keep fighting because tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities… Good luck


senzu bean = motivation
Frieza = Urges And PMO
Cooler = eroctic thoughts

Hey @GOGETA I am giving you this senzu bean to fight Frieza the more you get senzu the more you will be able to fight Frieza @NeverGiveup420 is right that you know how to quit pmo you just need some senzu bean and I am a Saiyan fusion too I will help you too fight Frieza and cooler.


Thanks to you all guys.It means a lot for me
I spent clean day without insta and Facebook and i m starting again my streak and currently on day 2,
but can anyone tell me how much time it will take to cure my premature ejaculation?


Thats good to hear you are back on the right track :tada:

90 days is a good guess. But it does not matter because you cannot masturbate to check if you are cured of premature ejaculation. So forget about the time. It will be cured definitely. Dont worry bro. The body has magical healing powers. Just trust the process. :+1:

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images - 2021-03-31T195938.181

keep focus

Your heart up and down up down …
This is the normal picture
And you know if it’s one line that mean something wrong …
Stay focus and appreciate your decion …

Repeat to yourself these words
I will accept myself as it is
Try to start something different of your routine something out of your mind for months try to search and search …
And let’s vroooom vroooom … go ahead .
Your acceptance and commitment
It’s not easy and be sure that who achieve the 10000 still suffering …
Yes man yes … ( Porn or fap it’e not the issue the issue came when i used myself and give up for the huge pain )
Stop counting …
It’s about you believe your deep believe about this journey …
And you will get this :muscle::muscle:

You will .


Motivation can make a change @Adioz_aka_Adidas


You only who deside to be or not by hardwork …
This journey can’t work by only motivation.
But I meant to express something I feel it like anyone .


Hello Brother!

  1. You are just 19 and you have already realized the lethal effects of PMO and have quitted it…this itself is a great thing!!

  2. Pmo makes you to feel insecure…lonely…impose self hatred and develop suicidal tendencies…(I have personally experienced this)

  3. Pmo make you suffer from premature ejaculation. I remember first time I was about to have sex…i had ejaculated on my gf’s hands…forget about penetrating…Such was the case…but as you reduce pmo and start SR your duration will increase. No doubt on this.

  4. I was having nightfall even 2 times in one night…and was having dayfall also…such was my case…Moral: when we are so much drained then we start to hate ourselves…and develop sucidal tendencies. Please remember purity brings power.

5 . You already have long long streaks…So I hope you have all the necessary motivation…You have tasted victory man!! What I can tell you on this? I have just completed 25 days. But I know onething for sure…PURITY BRINGS POWER…so grow in purity brother…grow in brahmacharya…all the negativities will fade away…If sucidal tendencies come then tell ** WITHOUT COMPLETING 1000 DAYS CLEAN STREAK I CANNOT EVEN DIE** Iam saying this to my self also…FIRST I SHALL COMPLETE 1000 DAYS CLEAN STREAK THEN IF I FIND IT IS NOT WORTH OF IT THEN ONLY I WILL DIE. I , AT ANY COSTS WILL NOT DIE AS A LOOSER…THIS IS IAM TELLING TO MYSELFEVERYDAY. FIND WAYS THAT WORK FOR YOU. Brother you are not alone…Keep fighting till you win.


Thank you very much brother
This means a lot for me❤

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Hey guys just support one another don’t say the problem. He already know the problem

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