Let's be honest here πŸ™‚

Okay I am going to be honest here
Whenever I see any kind of erotic content mistakely not willingly but mistakely ,my sperm automatically ejaculates without even touching my β€œD”
What kind of problem is this?
Or I became impotent now?
Pls help me what is this

And i have been addicted to pmo from 10-12 years
Firstly I used to masturbate without porn when there was no access
And then everyone knows how the era of internet and wifi came and from my 5th Or 6th class i m addicted to porn
Pls help me
I tried to maintain streak of 120 days and then of 106 days and then yesterday I relapsed at 27th day
Pls help seriously
I seriously want to leave this addiction



I understand you. I had the same problem. Now I am more clean. I have a tip for you. Make freezing showers, not cold. Stay away from β€œpeeking”. I know that you can pass this addiction. β€œIt always seems impossible until it’s done”-Nelson Mandera.


Precum comes oftenly when your penis nerves become weak because of constant masturbation for longer time and it is treatable by NoFap.

Usually It’s common to precum while in intimate relationship with your partner because of sexual tensions buildup in your body but if you are experiencing it oftenly because of watching sexual content then you should take your time to practice No PMO till it reduces to some extent.

And Don’t get depress it’s not a sign of impotent and all.