Let's be each other's companions and end this addiction

Let’s help each other and achieve our dream lives.

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Age - 27
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - To help me get better. To focus on myself and help me realize what I’ll lose to this addiction.

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Emphasizing negative consequences due to the addiction is not helpful, its only making you more anxious which makes you more likely to reach for your prop of choice for reducing anxiety: Porn/Relapse. Its not useful. Instead you have to adopt a new mindset. The new mindset is the actual reality: up until now oyu have been in an illusion that tells you there is something to porn. This illusion is given to you by advertisments, society etc. Its not real. Porn is not interesting. Masturbation is not a normal thing. Normal life is normal life. This brainwashing from society is the first thing you have to slay. The second thing is the dopamine withdrawal which you will experience for the coming weeks. For about 4 weeks you ll have urges, then they disappear. Alright thats all you need to do to escape and have a normal life, bye :smiley:


You explained it quite well enough for me to snap out of it. I do wish and am trying to adopt this mindset to look at the brighter side of life. Hopefully I’ll be able to succeed.
Thank you for this :blush:

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yes Nice :smiley: Read easypeasy, thats where this information is coming from

easypeasy.org has the book. Alright good luck! :smiley:

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