Let s fight TOGHETER, last post you need

665b45 my code, i ll add you all.
Let s make a deal guys, a race. Knowing that you are not alone will fkin help you A LOT.
I see peoples going on streaks like even 100 and then, 1 day, relapse. Yo, imagine 100 days of mental strenght resulting in nothing, for like 1 minute?
You don t need any motivativation or shitty quotes, no my friend, what you need, is to be powerfull with you tricky mind, you need to aknowledge that we are adaptable beings, your brain found the most efficient dopamine source, your brain WILL TRICK the shiet out of you for that dopamine, do not give in, and most important DO NOT GIVE UP.
Aknowledge that there are REALTIME benefits, and do not waste your power from nofap, give to your mind material, EXERCISE, RUN LIKE A FKIN CRAZY, GET YOUR GOOD SLEEP, IMPROVE YOURSELF: read psychology, body language tehniques, LEARN TO MANIPULATE YOUR MIND. Animals also have brain, but humans have soul, that s the difference, use your soul power to escape from mind, who is enslaved by dopamine rushes.
If you are a religious person, then pray, think about it stronger, let the relegion help you.
If you really need power because it looks like you are in a fkin pit, i ll help you out with my mail.


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stay strong … let the urge come and when u channel that urge inside you … then only u gona feel the beast inside u …95fca8 add me

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Added you, my code is 67219d.
I’m in for the long run for sure, and I agree with most of what you said. You fight addiction with connection, and addiction means nothing more than an escape and the search for the missing connections in your life, to other people, to yourself (or your soul, if you wanna put it that way), to your body and everything surrounding you. So let’s get connected guys and help each other out in times of need. Let’s show others that they, we, you and me are not alone!

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Added you. I read your other comment on being a “noob”, so if you have any questions or wanna talk, pm me :slight_smile:

I am also new here. My code is 5a03c2.

I am a 32-year old male from Finland.

How can i pm somebody?

Click on his name to enter the profile and hit he message button :slight_smile:

let’s do this. add me


Can t see it… where do i find it

Click on the profile picture of the person you want to message to enter his profile.
In the profile, there’s a blue message button right under the profile picture