Legija's Diary - Nofap Hard mode #

Nofap became normal for me. I dont even think about it anymore. Barely any urges, my body knows that there is no need for them, because they will anyway not be taken care of. Once in a while a wet dream.

During day, very rarely any boner. In my mind, I am horny, but my body adapted to hard mode and does not give me urges anymore. Sounds like Flatlining, but fuck me, I then would be flatlining for the last 60 days.

I tell you a secret: masturbating will make you horny! Not not-masturbating! The more you masturbate the more horny you get.

Best proof for this: one night i had a very big wet dream, i could tell by looking at the blanket the next morning. The following day I was much more horny than all other days before.

So what does this hard mode and shit all do for me:

well first of all, it saves me some fucking time.second, i want to punsh people right into the face all the time non-stop.if people stare at me, i will stare back, until they back down. I stare at all girls right into their eyes, until they look away (I did not do that before). Pervert-styleI envy people who have sex. Even though I dont feel any physical desire. Just my mind tells me, that I also deserve to fuck. A lot!!!I can jerk off without even touching my cock. (did not try it during this streak (feels a bit like cheating), but on a previous one i did). It is fairly simple: when i finally have a moment again where i feel quite horny, i close my eyes, focus all my energy on the penis area, and hell yeah, I can jerk off without ever touching my penis. Makes you feel awesome, knowing that you are probably the 0.1% of men who can do thisI am definitely more aggressive (you can tell by my way of writing)My tits hurted so bad. the right one first for 2 weeks. then the left one! now finally back to normal. what kind of shit was that?!I fucking look down on all the other men, those pussies who have to masturbate all the time, and who are slaves of their own fucking urges.One day i will fucking explode. I can feel that something inside of me is building up for days. It is an energy which i cannot tap in consciously but i can feel that it is there. and if one day some event triggers it to come out, it wont be a happy ending for me or othersI feel like a predator, whose only chains are his conscious and logical thinking and desire of not going into prisonCan this shit be called superpowers? Or is it more the sick thinking of a person who was denied for his sex drive to be taking care of for a very long time? YOU DECIDE.