Learned Helplessness and PMO

I just came across something I think applies to me and how I am.

The mental disorder is called learned helplessness. From most of my posts I believe this I very accurate about me.

Regardless of how you feel towards my posts and situation, I need a discussion about this.

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I also discovered some thing not much related to your case, but it’s also hard months ago. I always thought that I were a healthy and just quiet person but I live with social anxiety and for all my life that was normal to me. In your case I think that the most important thing that can help you is looking for something that encourage you and help like a professional help, because now you know that it’s not just lack of self esteem, anxiety and things more general as we commonly think. I encourage you to think also about your family environment and how it can help or not you, in my case most times it’s not something very good but I try to do not expect much about everyone, I just pretend it’s ok since I’m not able to move for a while. I don’t know if any of this make some sense for you, I hope it helps someway.