Leaking after urinating


Hey guys, I’m having a weird problem. Everytime I get to around the 5 day mark, I start leaking semen after I urinate, maybe 3 or 4 times a day. It actually makes me feel sore a bit until I release. Does anyone know how long this lasts? Is this normal?

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Yes,this is normal. On my 1st and 2nd nofap streak I also had this problem but it doesn’t last with time. This is human body,it takes time to heal. Don’t worry.

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Of it can comfort you, you’re not the worst case I’ve ever seen. As for myself, I used to have urine leaking out of my penis slowly during the day, at random times. So semen leaking after peeing is bad, but could be worse. Anyway, these problems disappear with time, but if you relapse tok much or binge, you will have to go through them once more. That should be a motivation not to fail!:wink:
Good luck and don’t be afraid, all of us have been through that.

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Thanks guys, that’s a big relief. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a permanent thing :slight_smile: I relapsed yesterday because I thought it would make it better, but I’ll power through the next time it happens


just don’t fantasize about porn and sex…its like edging in the brain…it produces a lot of dopamines and other hornones also that causes the semen to push out of the body…even though thesemen does not go out through orgasm…it will go out through urine…so stop edging in the brain and try to think of positive things.