🎩 League of Gentlemen (Entries Closed)

Thats fair, @ali4th, since you haven’t broken that streak. You can continue checking in with it and when you’re back in the League I will add it back up on the board.


Congratulations @RaZat! Keep growing up here and earning more medals!


Daily Check-in
Day: 99
HS: 49


Checking In
:small_blue_diamond:Thought Filter :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: Play Recorded Audio :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: No PMO TODAY Affirmations :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: Previous Relapse Report Analysis :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: No Social Media(Except WhatsApp) :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: No TV, Movies, Music Videos. :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: Phone Lock @10pm, To Unlock @6am. :white_check_mark:

Day 22 :white_check_mark:


Day 1 check :white_check_mark:
HS 62😁


By the way !! Streak hoing on day 47… 3 hr. Left


Check in :ballot_box_with_check:

Streak: Day 6

@Keats I see that it is possible to continue counting the habits while being a candidate. I also didn’t stopped my habits streak, but I’m planning to reorganize and adjust them, so I decided to start counting them as I finalize the way I want to do them. Let me know if it’s a problem. Also, I see my name with a typo in the list for a while now. Could you please fix it? Thanks Brother!


Well, its always been find to count habits as a candidate. They just don’t get included on the board until you become a member. Also, as a member you have to complete the habit 7 times before earning the :mortar_board: scholar icon in your status.

Aside from that, I encourage members to only track a habit until they feel its fully formed and then to switch to a new habit or stack on more.

Oops, sorry. You’re name subconsciously reminds me of a Lord of the Rings character and I spelt it wrong. :grimacing:


Check In✔
Day 34/50
I cannt believe i am going so good


:grin: Yeah, I thought about that. Good movie!



Hey brother, I alluded to the fact that I started a new practice the other day. I too didn’t want to mention anything about it until I did a little more research. Apparently we are both on the same page, because monitoring my thought processes is exactly what I’ve been doing. Great minds do indeed think alike!

So 4 days ago I started writing down every time I catch myself in some sort of strong negative emotion. Anytime I start to feel myself get tense or overwhelmed because of what’s going on around me. Anytime I rage at some inanimate object for not working. Anything that’s negative at all. I stop, write down the time, and everything that is coming up for me and sometimes how I could have done it better. I’m just doing this on my notes in my phone.

I’ve been thinking about other things that I can start tracking too. Like how often I go on my emails or social media. I even wanted to possibly do it for when I catch myself not being in the present moment. So like when I start thinking about the future in the past. So far, I’m just tracking the negative thought processes and it’s amazing! My first day there was like 8 or 10 things, but by the next day it was only like five. It’s really helping me bring a lot of awareness.

The simple act of stopping and writing it down, also allows me to detach from whatever emotion is starting to rise within. Just bring an awareness is not enough. It’s actually breaking the cycle by writing it down that helps.

I really want to hear about what’s happening for you, so please share when you’re ready.



Congratulations on becoming a gentleman!

Keep up the great work and keep being a shining example for all of those still on their path. Next the trophies will come and you will be well on your way to freedom.

Great job!

Stay strong my brother!!!



I’m not sure if I can gratulated you or not. I’m only on here every other day now. But congratulations!

Hope it feels great getting your first trophy. Pretty soon you’ll have the rest. Just keep up the good and diligent work.

Stay Strong Brother!!!


Hey Guys!!!

Day 108 :white_check_mark:

Day 65 :white_check_mark: :stop_sign: Habit streak 1 (semen retention)

Day 4 :white_check_mark: :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph: Habit Streak 2 (journaling negative thoughts and emotions in the moment)

Hope you’re all feeling strong. I will see you guys on Sunday. Great work by everyone, especially those who fell and got back up. You truly are inspirations to us all.


I was thinking about my checking in every other day. I don’t think we need to make that a new habit streak. I think it would be better to monitor as a daily habit what I wrote @Evolved about. Monitoring my negative thoughts, emotions, and habits. I’m just doing a quick journaling in my phone about this and it’s an amazing practice.

So please make that my new habit streak. Journaling negative thoughts and emotions in the moment. I’m on day four. Thanks brother!!!


Roger that, done :+1:


Hey guys. I want to apologize to you guys for not sending many messages lately. As I said a few weeks ago, I’m getting close to living alone, so I need to settle some details with the college and the family. Today I live with my parents, two brothers and three sisters, but soon I will be living alone. It will be quite a change for me. Anyway, that was it, thank you for your understanding and all your love and encouragement. Stay strong and keep fighting!


Daily Check-in
Day: 100
HS: 50


What an acheivement !
Well deserved bro :clap::clap::clap:


Day 2 check :white_check_mark:
HS 63 :white_check_mark:


Checking in Day 35/50✅

Yesterday was a horrible day man…I couldn’t sleep properly and also couldn’t do meditation properly.
I don’t know what’s happening inside my body specially in my mind because it’s very painful. Just praying to God to reverse everything normal.

Does anyone is facing flatline here?
Like laziness, brainfog and all?