League of Beast

This is competition for intermediate players.
League of Beast

There are certain rules to join league of Beast
1)player must be above day 18.
2)player should be on hard mode or pmo mode
3)nobody interfere in others records
4)player will be eliminated if he relapsed
5)player should mention thier nationality & including thier national flags.
6)player should mention thier nf code & longest streak & name
7) last 3 survivors will be announced as living nf beasts added as hall of fame.
8)last survivor will be champion of Beast league added as hall of fame.



1)@S8k8 :india: INDIA LS=020 CS=042
2)@Ravitej :india: INDIA LS=097 CS=046
3)@anon8383425 :israel: ISRAEL LS=037 CS=094
4)@Nagate :kenya: KENYA LS=100 CS=209
5)@babi :india: INDIA LS=067 CS=119
6)@shern🇨🇦 CANADA LS=266 CS=287
mrrobot has been eliminated
kabbadi.kabbadi temporarily out for invalid code can rejoin anytime

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