Leaderboard [Winner Announced]


:1st_place_medal: Winner @sovereign_mind » 42 Points :trophy:

:2nd_place_medal: @ygwr » 27 Points

:3rd_place_medal: @phoenix_1674 [17M] » 12 Points

4th) @Spark00 [20M] » 8 Points

5th) @JohnLibs [18M] » 7 Points

6th) @Busyman [23M] » 5 Points

7th) @jowasdas [22M] » 4 Points
@Adidas2201 [28M] » 4 Points

8th) @Sei_la [22M] » 2 Points
@StealthChopperinbond [15M] » 2 Points

9th)@paxx » 0 Points
@vickyx [17M] » 0 Points

×× Challenge Concluded And These Are The Final Scores ××


Bro how can I join this?

Age, gender, streak?

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Age and gender are optional

23M India
Current streak 3
Highest streak 81
Sharing code is o521gg

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You’re Onn, don’t disappoint yourself :+1:

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You should not (need not) have to make a different thread for a leaderboard. You could have done it in the same thread only.

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@vickyx Hello, there are only 8 members so please add me as a 9th member. I’m damn sure I’m not going to disappoint any of us, neither me nor you.:hugs:

My details are:

Name- Nick
Age- ?
Gender- ?
H.S.- 28
C.S.- 5
Sharing code:- day781
Anyone can mention me as @Nick

Please bro add me also, trust me I will not be disappointing you.:hugs:


Actually we have 15 participants not 8. And 9 Positions. Btw you’re on the leaderboard now, don’t disappoint yourself :+1: I hope you know the rules.

This is better way to create Leaderboard.
Otherwise everything gonna be messed up I think.

First post nobody reads anyway. I have tried it.
Nobody finds the scoreboard/ Leaderboard. No matter how many times I have to tell the same.
I have to update that by myself(it became overload work for me, when companion increases)

Here companions must read the challenge information otherwise they can’t get, what’s the challenge.


yeah thats a hard task i know. i am handling a thread from August. And sometimes i end up with so silly guys that my mind is like. “why the hell are you here? who guided you to different P categories? The ways to escape ban on Porn, the Instagram, the Facebook, you know everything. but you cant enter the details of yours. GROSS” but then i cool myself and now i am more patient.

But still if everyone starts doing this there will be a real chaos. Still its your choice guys. And the people who are serious for NOFAP are familiar and know that scoreboard is at top 5 posts only

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One who joined recently and one who visit the site occasionally they don’t know about these…

Anyways nice meeting you @Mahesh27_03

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I relapsed after 19 days clean ( one of my highest streaks ) :sob:

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Ohh no, :frowning_face:

@Spark00 has fallen from :top: to bottom.

@sovereign_mind has been rightfully choosen The New Leader! Protect your pride at any cost. And don’t fall.

Let’s see who becomes The Ultimate Leader on 1st Jan 2021. Winner’s Trophy » :trophy:

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Are you counting wet dream as relapse @vickyx ? If yes, then you can set my day to 0 and move me to the bottom as I had a wet dream last night.

Sir can I join this leaderboard?

Name: Harsh
Age: 20
Gender: M
Current Streak : 25
Highest Streak: 33
Sharing code: s3djyc

Wet dream doesnt count brother.

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Wet dream/night fall doesn’t count as relapse. This is the first season of this challenge so the rules are basic (Just No PMO).


Bro, we’re already 1/3rd way of dec so no more entries are being taken in.