Last Person Standing Match βš”



Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:



:warning::warning: @tmeidan93 @ysung Please update your streaks within 2 days.


Here It is … I have a century now in my Counter :muscle::grin:


Completed 50 days on hard mode with two wet dreams. :smiley::innocent:


So you mean I can’t participate right now ?


No, not until the gladiators arena also becomes empty and until the part two starts.


@amitkum689 promoted to gods arena



Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:



:warning: @iwillsucceed1 please update your streak within 2 days.


@iwillsucceed1 promoted to gods/goddesses arena


You are probably the strongest female member of the forum. Congratulations! :partying_face:


:studio_microphone: Note: If all the participants remain strong for next 46 days, then this match will be concluded. The gladiators and slaves arenas will become empty and all the members of the gods/goddesses arena will be announced champions. Then, the next part of this wonderful match will begin. The champions will be encouraged to continue editing their respective streaks here.

Are you ready for the challenge? Everyone? :muscle:


@AnkitK I forgot to update my streak and have added myself back to the match. Thanks!


Omg omg, thankyou so much! I didn’t even realize how close to the goddes arean I was! This is extra motivation! I will keep going strong


No problem @ysung :+1:


@JourneyInFindingMyHigherSelf promoted to gods arena

Good :grinning::+1:


No tolerance. No compromise. Fight until death.


Congrats! @buntyak @aapoorv75 for crossing 120 :partying_face:


thank you will continue to go far



:warning::warning: @buntyak @pandabearz please update your streaks within 3 days.