Last Person Standing Match ⚔



Maine scoreboard check kiya tha new companion add krne ke liye.

Tabhi shyad ye sab kuch hua hoga.


Accha bhai koi baat nahi. Par itna sab kucch kaise ho gaya pata nahi.


Iska answer tou @Taher ke pass hi ho skta ha.

Ki maine thoda sa v kisi ki streak samne edit nhi kiya or sabki streak jaise brucelee bro bta rha tha 3 din piche chali gyi.

Btw @AnkitK oilpull sahi ha bhai kal se try kruga main.:blush:


Mujhe lagta hai 3 din pichhe nhi… 5 Din pichhe


110 days today…Coming up on 4 months.


@17ripu.jhala moved to pit of slaves :chains::chains:

Why did you relapse again man?


Today is superbowl weekend in the states for football. Where the best two teams play for the championship. We are competing everyday. Everyday is a win without PMO. It will continue to compound for all of us. We may have set backs but as a team here lets keep striving to win. Thank you all for the community and support.


Sharing code:zspa8h
Current streak:1 day
Highest streak:1 day


We can add you in next session only. For this, gates are closed.


Yesterday was the best day, I hit 50 days streak but today is worse. Last night I was feeling low and browsed p** and now I’m feeling too low. Fortunately end up without ejaculate. Didn’t sleep well, got headache after 51 days :frowning:
Downgrade me according to rule.

I had forgotten my on status “I would like to burn in hell but never break celibacy”
Sorry god… Forgive me… Sorrryyyy :disappointed:


Wtf, you just entered the gods arena and then jumped back. What did you see there? :sweat_smile:

@shivr moved to gods arena and again sent back to gladiators arena with zero streak. :thinking:

Whom are you tagging? Many things have happened…


What happend bro.
U reset ur counter on 51 day .
Did u relapse or just bcz of p**n???


They are the same thing.


I mean fap(relapse)…:blush:


Yeah I have reset because of p**n (worst thing ever encountered). I don’t want to see it in my life anymore.


:warning: @adequatemonty @ysung

Update your streak within two days.



Filling Empty Space


Which empty space are you talking about?


Congratulations man!! :tada::tada:


Thanks man :pray:, Only idiots which are not bored are the enlightened ones​:innocent: