Last Person Standing Match βš”



Hello, newbiee here. Wanna take this challenge seriously. Have ruined myself, failed many times but still some hopes
Thank you


Is that Gatsby in the thumbnail? Anybody knows?


He is Titanic-man.


Updated! Thanks for reminding. I am not sure why but sometimes i cant enter the forum part, the loading stops at 80percent


Btw guys a nightfall isnt counted as relapse right


Thanks for updating. When forum does not open, reopen the app or use web version.

No, it is not a relapse.


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Only strong people are left. There are only 2 participants in slaves arena. gladiators arena: 7, gods arena: 14, Total = 23

Keep going!! :grinning::+1:


100 finally updated my streak


Lets go guys. Im seeing benefits all around. I definitely notice more eye contact with women. I feel like the longer you refrain the better you get. All the benefits feel so true. Lets keep rising together!


Sorry guys I relapsed :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:@AnkitK


Roz subah 2 ghante meditation kya mera chacha karta hai :sweat_smile: Apart from this, I once told you my on the spot methods. God is my saviour.


Damn :disappointed_relieved:

How? @17ripu.jhala


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Bro I was so stressed from last five days and it’s unbearable for me to handle. Situation went out of control for me and I end up with a relapse. Actually whenever I have stress I try to meditate and all things going well but this time I found myself in situation where I want to commit suside. It looked like that my life is over. Whenever I found myself in this situation i hert myself and this time I have broken my streak. It happened without porn or orgasm. It happened with edging. Sorry guys I know I can’t control my subconscious mind and did this type of sin. But I assure you all that I will come back with a streak which is next to impossible. So , Let’s start a new journey with advanced Target
First mission - 30 Days without ( Porn, masturbation, orgasm and wet dream )
I want to control my subconscious so I will count wet dream as a relapse in first 30 Days. So please I request you all to support me.
:footprints: Starting New Journey …:v::muscle::muscle:


Wet dreams are inevitable. They are not in your control. Don’t count it as relapse.


Yeah I know but I will practice because I want self control over my subconscious and it all will happen with deep meditation…:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


It will come automatically after 90 days. Till then, only two things you need :- paitence and discipline


Please don’t reset the counter for that and confuse us. Remember, once eliminated = no return.