Last Person Standing Match βš”



The god of breath exiled into separation. In the lap of tears grew the heart. We are panting players very unskilled have lost the bet of life. Here everyone gets defeated, this gamble is such!
Only those win who become free of desires, who see the futility of desires, who wake up from the race of desires, who move away from the desires and immerse into prayerful - ness.

Wake up! waking up is enlightenment.
wake up from life! wake up from death!
Just wake up!
One who has become awake has found the ultimate treasure of life.



Update your streak within two days.


21 days completed finally.!!



@AnkitK I updated my streaks!


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Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:


:warning: @kaamdev you have to edit your streak in the scoreboard. Don’t just post in the forum and run away. Otherwise, you will be eliminated. YOU HAVE ONE MORE DAY. EDIT THE SCOREBOARD.


You saved yourself by a very thin margin. :sweat_smile:

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Day 35 and running
Add me guys
My sharing code - o521gg


Sorry bro. Gates were closed. You can join other groups. You can participate in part two of this match.


3 days to go …


Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:


Note: You can get entry again because you reported in the group. But you did not edit your streak yourself and ran away.


21 days completed.
Lift me up to the stars!


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Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:



:warning: @pandabearz

Update your streak within two days.


Okay bro when part 2 starts?


Most probably in April. It will be a combination of at least Last Person Standing and Challenge a companion groups. There will be many group runners with different responsibilities. We will discuss for long and then we will release it. See you there.



That video was awsome.