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ten days too go then 100


@BruceLee moved to pit of slaves. :flushed:
How did you relapse bhai?


Last three days are so bad for me because I’m going to attend weddings and in this period I have a wet dream ( may be it’s because of seeing a lot of beautiful girls at there ) on 16 Jan. Because of this I felt so low. Yesterday when I was taking shower I washed my penis and it got reacted so I feel uncomfortable and my mind tried to convince me for fapping and I looked like so helpless at that moment. I got a rock solid erection at that time and it was going out of control. But I just closed my eyes and remembered those things that why I started this and what’s the result would be ? Is it pleasureble ? Then my heart said No. So I started YouTube for some motivational video and when I tried some god Shiva’s Mantra for meditation I felt positive and motivated. After this I drunk two glass of water and when I went for pee I saw some precum in my urine. Is this is a sign of relapse ? Please bro give me a quick reply because when I heard @Brucelee has relapsed my heart shattered totally.


I don’t know bro, I kinda sensed that he was gonna relapse as for the past few days, he was giving likes to my old Posts. I also started doing that before my previous relapse, trying to find the reason not to relapse. I didn’t knew that someone as strong as @BruceLee will fall like this. Hope you rise to the arena of gods.


Just stay strong. This phase will pass.


Thanks. I’m here because all of you.


Even the best climber may fall.


Sorry brothers, i relapsed today to pmo…no more reasons or excuses…i m going on a silent mode and will come back once 90 days completed…till that, take care and keep moving…my best wishes n prayers with u all!!


Elimination 14


Omg why did he relapse ?


Two strong people relapsed…very sad to see. :pensive::cry:

We always have to keep moving forward and stick to our best habits. We’re going up against a free, endless supply of strong drugs which we carry in our pockets. One terrible urge wave can wash away our hard work if we’re not careful and prepared.

I pray for their success. May they come back stronger and finally break free this time.



I live spontaneously. I never decide anything before hand, i keep the tomorrow open. If i feel like speaking, i speak. If i feel like being silent then there’s no other way than to be silent. And i never ask myself why because no ‘why’ is answerable. All answers are arbitrary. So i simply go on floating with the river, never asking where it is going, why it is going, where it is going to end. And this is my basic approach to life, a total let-go.


In the times of relapses… I have crossed 21 days.
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@ShivHanu promoted to Gladiators arena.

Congrats bro!



@BruceLee stay strong brother… People here look up to u for motivation in their fight against nofap… U r a legend… This time break ur highest streak.


Good to see you back bro


Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign: