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:warning: @Rohitash please update your streak ASAP.


Sorry I misunderstood, i was editing my streak on the status button quite frequently. I thought that’s what yall werw checking


Oh, it’s good that you know now. It’s okay.


I’m not sure if i did it right, it’s so much going on in there I am still confused but I tried


You put your details in correct format. :+1:
But you put your details in gladiators arena. You will enter that arena after one week (21+ Days streak). Right now, you are in lower arena. Please keep editing your streak there.

You are here.


The scoreboard can saved as a bookmark for a quick access. The bookmark symbol is under the three-dots menu of each message.



Have updated days 16 in scoreboard…


Thanks @BruceLee for liking so many of my old posts😅. After looking at them, I realized that I really love being a part of this wonderful group and most of credit of my success in nofap goes to this group and it’s wonderful people. Thank you all☺


Okay Thankyou and i will


You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions. Learn to embrace them and probably change their meaning.


I am starting to feel a bit better since the relapse. I know what caused it. It was pure Desire but not for porn. Success and achivment at any cost, power etc. I was very hard on myself with no compassion whatsoever. This sick behavior eventually leads to self hate, degradation and PMO. You are bound to feel worthless no achivment is good enough and you see only failures. And then it matter not whether you relapse or not. What you wrote about me was wrong( lazy, stupid etc.) but it was a good mirror to how I viewed and treated myself I was even more harsh. We always should do our best but with love and compassion not anger and hate. Thank you brother for showing me this.
Your help is much appreciated.


That is what I wanted to tell you. Nobody’s asked you to hate yourself, but one should hold themselves more accountable for the actions they commit. Doing nofap without any goal in mind is of no use. I have very clear cut goals defined for myself which I can achieve only if I stay on nofap coz the energy I will be saving will be put to good use. I am sorry if my words hurt you, but I will not take even a single word back.

You cannot always be motivated, you have to learn the art of discipline
I have tried to live by these words and it has helped me a lot.

There is a very thin line between love and compassion and Pampering. Keep that in mind. If someone do relapse, they should rather than punishing themselves should ponder upon the consequences of their actions and learn from those mistakes. I hope my previous words hit you hard enough that you will never think about relapsing in future coz you know there will be a guy who will strongly critize your actions :wink:
Peace brother :v:


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The gates were closed on the New year Eve. You can enter in part two, which may come after April. For now, you can join:
Nofap Champion 2019
Challenge a companion
Basic reboot group
CHALLENGES for 15/30/60/100 Day Goals! :trophy:


:warning: @buntyak @dman please update your streaks within two days.


:star2:Day 120:star2:
There was a time when this was not possible even in dreams. But I do not know what happened suddenly :sob::innocent::sob: (could not find suitable emoji). Keep trying friends. It happens all of a sudden. You will be free for sure if you do not quit.

You will be saved if you want to save yourself.

The old demoniac desires of my heart are being beaten badly and they are falling dead one by one.

Best of luck everyone! :hugs:


Congratulations man, respect!!


Ok now i am ready to create a new account but
why am I unable to create an account in “my Companion” with the username “BruceLee”

Does an account exist with the username “BruceLee”? I create creating an account with my other gmail id but I couldn’t
Remember, I just want to change Companion’s account not Forum’s
I want to have the same username for both so that I and others are not confused


What is the use of doing this?